Thursday, November 2, 2017

Oh Nashville! I have always wanted to visit this city, and let me tell you. It did not disappoint! I can not wait to go back. We just went there for a quick little trip but next time I would love to spend more time and explore the city more.
We live in a smaller city in Arkansas, and I never felt like I lived in a big city in Arizona but this move has made me realize that we definitely lived in a “big city” back home haha. That is something I’ve really really missed here, all of the different places to eat and all of the shopping centers. Nashville is a much bigger city and made me feel like I was back home! It had the cutest little places to eat and so much to do. 
We bought some tickets off of Groupon to the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum. We love museums and this one was so fun. There was so much history and it had some really fun interactive music and instrument stations. The kids loved it and Rj and I got a kick out of it too 😆 my favorite was this recording studio room. It was a cool little set up, Rj will never tell you but he actually has a really good singing voice so I forced him to sing for us haha. The kids thought it was great, they got to play with all the different instruments and show us their best dance moves hah. 

Love Love Love Nashville, definitely one to put on the bucket list.



Favorite Anti-Humidity Product

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Hey there!I'm excited to share this with you😘 Since we've moved somewhere with more humidity, I've been experimenting
with some products! Here are some of my favorite.These are also GREAT for if your hair is just naturally a little frizzy. I also use these on my clients with thick, curly, frizzy hair, they are seriously amazing!! I swear they cut drying time in half and smooths out that curl and frizz so flawlessly. These are the best and a little goes a LONG way. I usually just use a dime size in my hand. Always apply mid strands to ends and then work that product in and slowly to bring it to your roots. That way you don't blop all of the product right on your roots. Yuck.

LOOVVE, This is one of my weapons. If I have a client with really thick and frizzy or even just really


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Hey! I'm Cassie Parkinson, wife to a major babe, RJ & a mama to my beautiful 2 babies, Bridger Arrow and sweet Willa Rose.  We've been married for 5 years! I was born and raised in Arizona but life has recently brought us to Arkansas. We are loving it here. I have also been a hair stylist for 5 years, but mostly a lover of all pretty things!
When I was trying to think of what to call my blog "livin' off love" came so quick to me. This is pretty much our family motto. We have been saying it since the day we got married because circumstance's just always seem to be leading us to "live off of love" hah. It's always been a good reminder for me and we have so much love to live off of, I wouldn't have it any other way. Follow along on our adventures as a family. I'll be sharing my beauty secrets along the way, my favorite products and promote the beautiful things of life! Thank you for reading and taking your time visit my site! I hope you enjoy!

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