Class of 2017

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

I can't believe we made it!!!! This Graduation felt like it was my graduation as well hah! I was SO so happy and excited we made it to this milestone!! He finally has a Bachelors! We could not be more excited. We moved 5 times, 2 babies, he worked full time, had volunteer positions after school and work and on the weekends, and went to school full time.

Balboa Island

Monday, January 16, 2017

 We love escaping to Cali. It's such a nice drive and we can't get enough of that ocean air. It's good for the soul. We love the beach but it's so cold right now we decided to just go walk around the beach and explore Balboa Island. It was so fun taking the babes there to walk around, eat some corn dogs and go on a little boat ride. I'm so glad I snapped a few videos of this trip because now I can look back and remember it a little better. (this lack of sleep from babes isn't helping in that department haha) Bridger loved being on a boat and seeing all the birds and other boats in the water. I was so bummed my battery died before we got to the beach so I added on a few pictures at the end of this little video.  This is NOT a professional video at all! haha actually my first time trying this so it isn't perfect and its not meant to be. It's more like a little family home video I made for us to look back on :) So any of you who know how to professionally do videos might cringe a little, but thats ok! Bridger is so typical in this video with a binky, his trains and his sippy! hah I love these little getaways. On another note, TGIF! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.



Tuesday, December 6, 2016

I LOVE the holidays! It seems like since I've had babies holidays are so much better!  I love making new traditions and sharing old ones with my new little family. It is the best. Thanksgiving was so good, It is one of my favorites. I truly feel there is SO much to be grateful for and the fact that we get one whole day to completely focus on that is awesome. I know I'm guilty of forgetting all the wonderful blessings around me and that I was born into, so I love getting a moment to stop and reflect and give thanks. Also, celebrate it with the most delicious food!  How could I forget that part.
This year we got to spend Thanksgiving with our families. It's fun to get together, catch up, and eat some yummy food. I feel like this was a special Thanksgiving, we have realized next year we will most likely being living out of state or out of the country(what!?) so we are cherishing these last holidays with our family and in our home state! I'll have to post later more on that topic ;) But overall we loved seeing our family and spending this year together with each other and our babies. My heart is full and my hands are full ❤️


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