Thursday, June 20, 2013

I figured I would make this a separate post because I'm going to put a lot of pictures. Plus I have ADHD & when I read other peoples blogs if they have to much goin on I just give up reading it! hah I'm so lame, I know I'm not alone though!! ANYWAYS off topic.

So, back to California it was really nice to be with all the family together. We planned it as a last little trip with Kev before he left. I loved it. So Friday morning (I don't remember the date) we took an early flight to California. We got there and had to wait for a rental car for about an hour. Which quite interesting considering I was expecting AZ weather just with a beach so I was wearing shorts & a loose shirt with my swim suit! I was freezing! & the planes flew right above our heads to land (about blew my ears out), not including the train that passed every 10 mins. & "the gentlemen's club" right next to us. haha so it was interesting to say the least! But we still had fun.

Finally got the rental car, we mostly drove around, when looking back on the trip that was one of my favorite parts, we just sang, talked and made fun of each other hah. We wanted to get food but everyone wanted something different. So after driving around for about an hour we were all starving by then and didn't care anymore as long as it was edible! So in-n-out it was! Then we hit the beach!!

BTW it was freezing!!! I still can't believe we got in. It was so fun though.
P.s. this was at Coronado Beach 
 ^Ciara is so sassy

 ^girls got in first woo woo (jk)
 ^RJ always awkwardly grabs peoples arms? I tell him it's weird but he doesn't listen hah

 ^didn't think about that! (wet sandy feet)

 ^ idk whats happening here?

 ^so presh!

 ^Ron past out haha 

It also just so happened to be National Donut Day so naturally we hit...

(bad picture)

Throughout the day we saw the San Diego temple, which is just breath taking, we drove around mostly and looked at all the cute house's and also hit a few other pit stops. Then that night we flew back home. We were wiped out but it was a fun trip & a great memory! Plus no one died or was seriously injured! I call that a successful trip. 

I apologize for my poor picture quality, I don't have a fancy nice camera nor Photoshop so everyone one gets to see these babies all naturelll! 

I would be very surprised if any one really reads about these posts and if you do I hope you enjoy even though I'm kinda crazy! But the point of this isn't for entertainment but to document whats going on in my life :)

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