happy goodbye's!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

 So, its been a while since my first post but I couldn't find the flippin cord to our camera. But I found it! So were back in business! So much has happened in so little time! Kevin(my b in law) graduated and already left for his mission! SO FAST! & we went on a day trip with the Parks(my in laws) to California, which was so fun!

Kevin was called to Mexico Puebla South, which is so exciting now him and RJ can speak Espanol together when he gets back. Maybe one day I'll learn it! Ya, right I barely speak English! Anyways, Kevin left June 11th & entered the MTC on June 12th. I'm SO excited for him and love him so much! I know he's going to do great and am so excited to see how he grows. It was really depressing after he left to go to the Parkinson's because everyone missed him like CRAZY! I miss him too & it's weird not having him around but my happiness for him over powers my sadness, definitely. WE MISS YOU KEV!

* I love this picture of Nikki & Kev ^

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