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Thursday, July 18, 2013

We went to California again with my family. It was very interesting I must say! Well it was just very eventful. Overall it was really fun and it was nice to be all together before my mom leaves for Washington. My mom came with my little brother and his friend, Alissa and Hunter, then me and RJ. It was nice to get away and not have to worry about school, work, test, and just the daily stresses of life.

When we got to the hotel the room ended up being way to small for us! & had NO AIR CONDITIONING! For the us that was just a no go. We like our AC. So my mom was on the phone for at least an hour trying to figure out the whole room deal. We ended up getting another hotel closer to Disney Land & it was a extended stay hotel so it was a lot bigger. When we got there it was there last room & it was a handicap room so it was even extra big. Which worked out since we had 2 air mattresses to fit in it. So we got the hotel situation under control. Check.

We went to New Port Beach this time. I've been to most of the California beaches before when I was younger but I didn't remember how beautiful they are! Yeah they're a little colder, but I'm such a beach bum the water could be 20 degree's and I could be going into hypothermia but I'd still be out there in an inner tube loving life! hah. but that's just me. New Port is so gorgeous, I loved it, me and my sister went crazy on those boogie boards! We totally beat the boys, not that it was a competition....but we won..if it was.... anyways!! Here's some pics, I felt like I was in a Nicholas Sparks movie setting it was that beautiful! haha.
 ^I swear I was ment to live in california
^I'm so creepy but I don't even know who this little girl is!

 That pretty much sums up our beach day! I wish i knew a way to like stack these pictures in a way that didn't make the page so dang long but I'm still new at this.

We had 2 day hopper passes to Disneyland, we were so excited. Me & RJ have been wanting to go to Disney Land for so long! So we were really happy.

 It was SO crowded!! I will never go back to Disneyland in the summer. It was crazy but we still had lots of fun. I hadn't been on Splash Mountain since I was 7. It seriously scared the crap out of me when I was little so I really had no desire to ever go back on it! Well my family talked me into it as the last ride of the first night. I really didn't want to do it, plus I have this thing about walking around in wet clothes...i just hate it. But I was promised a poncho so it was a done deal. 

Everyone's face cracks me up in that picture. The ride was pretty awesome actually. RJ makes the funniest faces on rides. They are so weird sometimes I don't even recognize its him hahha. Over all our first day at DL was pretty fun. That night we slept like rocks! Except for RJ, I woke up to find out that he had been up all night puking! I felt so bad I don't even think I moved from the position I fell asleep in because I was in such a deep sleep. He ended up having food poisoning and was SO sick. I feel so helpless in situations like that, I would almost rather it be me than him! I hate that feeling. RJ talked me in to going to Disney Land with out him for our second day so we wouldn't waste our money. That was a bummer, but I knew he was right. He slept all day which was good! It was nice the second day, it was alot more relaxing since we had rode all the rides we really wanted to ride the first day so we did some of the smaller things at DL & California adventures. Like saw some plays,walked through the stores, rode the smaller rides, stuff like that.

 My family wanted to go on that grizzly bear ride in California Adventures......ugh. I really don't like water rides unless I'm in a swim suit. BUT they talked me in to it AGAIN......
^outcome. why don't I learn? 

At night RJ ended up meeting up with us, which made me very happy :) Here are some more pictures from DL.

^the gang

 ^fail haha

 ^this is my fav.

 ^what is happening here? 

I always get excited and think were going to have fun cute pictures in front of all the rides....that never happens because were too worried about getting in line and then heading to the next ride. This time I really tried. We only got 3 but hey that's some progress  right? lol

Obviously the last 2 are not from DL we went to Joe's crab shack the first night, Hunter danced with all the little kids. haha Anyways, I know this is a super long post but I CAN NOT leave out the night.

So, we split up after getting back from Disney Land, me & RJ were going back to the hotel because he was still really sick and tired. The rest were going to dinner across the street. My brother and his friend were coming back with us to use the restroom and then they were going to meet up with them.

So RJ are lying on the bed, some one was in the bathroom and then my brother was next to me. All of the sudden lights started flashing and this super loud obnoxious noise is basting in our ears, then I realized it was the fire alarm. I shot up and looked at RJ and said "is this a joke?" haha I get up and as I'm getting closer to the door I smell is this awful smell & I start coughing really bad (i also have bad asthma). I open the door and this old man who was a worker is running down the hall yelling "Exit the building!!" The hall was clouded with smoke and I went into like a panic mode, haha I wish someone could have recorded me. haha I just start running I could see my brothers friend right behind me & I thought RJ was too. I get out side and it's just me, my brother, and his friend. I kinda started to panic even though I knew the hotel wasn't like up in flames. About 5 minutes later RJ just comes patiently walking out of the hotel like nothings even happening as I'm about to have a panic attack. hah were so opposite it's crazy. We waited around for a while out side for the fire department to come, they arrived but we were sick of waiting and decided to just join the others and let them know what was happening. They were at Cheesecake factory, I felt bad RJ was still really sick and one whiff of the food he was pretty much gagging. By the time we got back we were told it was just and electrical fire, the AC unit at the end of the hall caught on fire. That's why it smelt so bad. I had a really hard time breathing but thank goodness my brothers friend had an inhaler. So we all survived, I will say that was probably the most interesting vacation I've been on. but it was fun and we made some good memories :)

The next day we left and made it safely home alive!

That pretty much sums up that trip. This is my last crazy long post & maybe I learn some tips and tricks with the photos. Till next time!

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