Thursday, March 20, 2014

i can not believe how long it has been since i posted!!! woops!! time is flying so fast! its scary! i know the reason i stopped myself from posting was because i found out i was pregnant, and i knew if i were going to get on here i would not be able to stop my self from just typing IM PREGNANT! so i had to just stay off. then when i did announce i was pregnant i was so busy working and with the holidays, moving, not having wifi!  it was just one thing after another. so yes i am the worst blogger in the world and i apologize.

anyways lets talk about being pregnant! it's just the craziest thing ever! we feel so so so so so extremely grateful that i can even get pregnant in the first place and keep a pregnancy. we were a little worried about that but our minds are at ease since i am fortunate enough to carry a child. so many emotions!!
we are so so excited to welcome a baby boy into our family in june! time is flying i can not believe thats 3 months away!!! kinda scared. but mostly excited.

we moved into a house. yayyy. we are excited about that definitely.we don't really enjoy apartments...anyhow rj is now at asu, he seems to enjoy that. rj will probably be in school the rest of his life...he loves it. something we are very very much so opposites in.

we are curently loving this weather here in az right now. it is the best.
i dont want to bore anyone now so i will stop at this and just have to get back on soon!
here is are a few pictures from our "christmas/pregnancy announcement"

p.s. i guess taking them in the middle of the day wasn't the best idea!

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