Thursday, June 5, 2014

I cant believe it's June! I have been awful about posting updates and stuff about pregnancy but life is just so busy! maybe by the time we decide to have another baby i will be good about keeping a blog ;) all well. i can not believe it's already the month of my due date! time is cruisin by faster than ever. i am so excited to have this little boy! we got a 3d ultrasound yesterday and can i just say technology is amazing! we could see his face so clearly. he is so chunky and squishy, i just want to kiss on his big chubby lips!! he is looking just like his dad, it's kinda crazy! we just can't wait for him to be here. that's the hardest thing about this experience is not knowing exact timing. we are getting so anxious and impatient because we are so excited! my excitement over powers my nerves, but when i step back and really think about actually having a baby and raising a child, i kinda get overwhelmed! i just think " i hope i'm a good enough!" it's silly but i really do hope i can be the best for him and provide him with everything he needs; spiritually,mentally, and physically. I just am so grateful for RJ and how strong of a person he is. I am so grateful i married someone who wants to be a dad so bad & strives to be his best every single day. it's so comforting knowing no matter what he will always be there and i can always count on him. & that my children can too! he seriously continues to amaze me everyday. i knew he was awesome when i married him but after getting married i just was so humbled and grateful for my Heavenly Father guiding me to him because he seriously is the most selfless, hardworking, patient (towards me at least) ;) loving, spiritual man. i learned so much more about him and grew to love him x100000000 more after we were married. i am seriously so lucky! even if he doesn't think my jokes are funny ;) anyways, i know if i have him by my side we will be a great team. maybe not perfect but pretty good. sooo an update on the parkinson's, we are trying to patiently wait for this little boy to join our family! RJ is taking a summer class and working full time (he just never stops i tell ya) & i am working part time trying to survive each day as a whale!! hopefully next time i post i will have a cute little baby to ramble about!
currently: 37wks prego!

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  1. such a cute 3d picture! I'm currently 37 weeks too ;) excited to follow alnong your blog!


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