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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Dress: Pink Blush

This little boy is so wild. I love having a boy so much. These were the only pictures I could snap of him hah. I've learned to embrace the messy hair and messy face with this little guy and of course he refuses to look at the camera. I just can't get over him carrying his little teddy around everywhere he goes. It melts my heart! I'm such a sucker for this cute & crazy little boy. I just love everything about him! 
I can't wait to expand out little family in September with a little baby girl! It will be different having another girl around but I can't wait! My mama heart is bursting thinking of having two chubby and soft little babies to squeeze and kiss on!! I love being a mom so much even with all of the tears and dirty work that comes along with it. 

On another note, I'm not totally crazy about being pregnant! With all of the lovely joys of being pregnant it is SO nice when you can find some good, cute and comfy maternity clothes! I have a hard time dressing this bump of mine and my body changes so much it's hard to figure out what works for your prego body! I've had some luck though with Pink Blush maternity! I loveeeee their stuff. This dress is seriously my favorite right now and it is so soft and is perfect for maternity and non maternity. I love that they are a maternity and non maternity company. They even have clothes for nursing mama's! That is a score for me! It's hard find good maternity clothes but clothes that work with nursing can be just as tricky to find! So my friends, do your selves a favor and go check out their stuff, everything is SO cute. Thanks for reading xoxo


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