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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I'm a little late posting this but whose keeping track ;) I love celebrating my mans birthday! Sometimes life gets so busy, it's nice to have 1 day of the year to completely spoil him and make his day extra special! I just love him so much, it reminds me how lucky I am and how good of a guy I snatched up! He's one of the hardest workers I've ever met.  He is one determined man. I've never seen someone make school look so easy either! I always ask him "so how's school going?" Because he doesn't ever talk much about it. His reply is always "it's good" haha. Even though he's taking classes I can't even pronounce. Then I usually follow that with "are they hard?" And he just says "no", clearly he's not much of a talker either. Which is another opposite from me ha! 
 All 3 of our birthdays this year were on Sunday's, so we didn't get to go get all of our free treats this year! But that's ok, Rj pretty much spent most of his day at church meetings and serving others but I know he would rather being doing that than anything else. He never complains especially about that, I admire his charitable heart! Although we stayed inside most of the day it was still filled with his favorite things, mostly donuts and BBQ. This man loves his food haha! We love you Rj! Best baby daddy around xoxo

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