Class of 2017

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

I can't believe we made it!!!! This Graduation felt like it was my graduation as well hah! I was SO so happy and excited we made it to this milestone!! He finally has a Bachelors! We could not be more excited. We moved 5 times, 2 babies, he worked full time, had volunteer positions after school and work and on the weekends, and went to school full time.

He makes it look easy. He has seriously exceeded all of my exceptions academically and professionally. Sorry I just had to brag for a hot minute! Anyways, He ended up getting his Bachelors in Bio-Chemistry and a minor in Spanish. He already speaks Spanish fluently but wanted to keep up with it and learn more. Our next step is Medical School. So even though this has been so exciting we just get a little celebration and then are getting ready for more school! hah I am so ready for this next step and excited to see what our future holds!

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