Thursday, August 3, 2017

Hey! I'm Cassie Parkinson, wife to a major babe, RJ & a mama to my beautiful 2 babies, Bridger Arrow and sweet Willa Rose.  We've been married for 5 years! I was born and raised in Arizona but life has recently brought us to Arkansas. We are loving it here. I have also been a hair stylist for 5 years, but mostly a lover of all pretty things!
When I was trying to think of what to call my blog "livin' off love" came so quick to me. This is pretty much our family motto. We have been saying it since the day we got married because circumstance's just always seem to be leading us to "live off of love" hah. It's always been a good reminder for me and we have so much love to live off of, I wouldn't have it any other way. Follow along on our adventures as a family. I'll be sharing my beauty secrets along the way, my favorite products and promote the beautiful things of life! Thank you for reading and taking your time visit my site! I hope you enjoy!


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